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How to create multiple shots with same camera angle and different configurations in SolidWorks Visualize Standard

Question asked by Chris B. on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2016 by Saurabh Nayak

I see Visualize Professional handles configurations but Standard does not.  We are using Standard.


Question:  My assembly has 4 configurations.

How to quickly render each one, with exact same angle and camera angle.  (Other than using the 'default' angle it imports as).


I think I will have to have 4 separate Visualize projects for each configuration.

How to set same camera angles for all 4 projects?


Alternatively, I've tried checking the "Monitor File" box on import so that when I change configs in SW it would just change in Visualize.  That's working now (see below).


My only guess is to change the default camera, as shown in the pic attached.  Then create 4 projects, save SolidWorks assembly as one config, import into Visualize, render it.  Create new project, change config in SW, save it, import again (still at 'default' camera), etc etc.

But what if you want two or three camera angles of each?


Is there an better/easier way?