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Searches in PDM Standard

Question asked by Joe Miller on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2016 by Joe Miller

Hello All!

I seem to be missing something obvious here and I'm hoping someone can enlighten me. I've set up PDM Standard 2016 on our engineering server and it seems to be running fine. I matched our windows directory structure in the vault, so I only have 3 directories in the vault with no sub-directories. Got the data cards all defined and SW file properties mapped to the card variables. Cards seem to be getting filled out correctly and data is bi-directional between the cards and file properties. After having put about 100 drawings into the vault, I decided it was time to test out the search capabilities. The search card seems to at random either return accurate results quickly or lock up with the magnifying glass just doing it's looping thing. I've tried restricting the "Look In" to the vault directory where I know the search should return results and unchecking "Display folders" & "Search in all versions" to no avail. I've checked the "Description" variable in the card editor and it is mapped to the correct variable.

It just seems as though I might be missing something obvious. I looked at indexing the vault but that is apparently not possible with PDM Standard. Anything jump out at anyone here? Am I supposed to be using the search card while logged into the vault?