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Why isn't Dispatch recognizing my user defined variables as variables?

Question asked by Ben Spendlove on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2016 by Faur Arama

It seems like a bug to me, because the variables don't work in the file path field of a Set Card Variables action, but they do work in the folder path field.


The dispatch script has a user-defined variable called Package File, which contains the name of a file other than the one on which the script is being run. The setup of the Set Card Variables action is shown below.


When it runs, I get an error message that says "Error, file %Package File% doesn't exist". BUT if I select "Folder with path" and put the same variable in, I get an error message that says "Error, folder doesn't exist", because, obviously, it's a file not a folder. But it correctly expands the variable. I've also verified the value of the variable with a message box. I've tried it with other variables, and the built-in ones work, but none of my user-defined variables work as a file path.


Can anyone reproduce this problem? Is there something I'm missing? We recently upgraded to 2016, but I never tried this specific thing in earlier versions.


win-Set Card Variables-000422.png