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Newbie SW user needing sheetmetal modeling help!!

Question asked by mike s on May 8, 2008
Latest reply on May 12, 2008 by Dwight Livingston

I am attempting to model a sheetmetal plate that I have made on a finger and magna brake. I hopefully have attached three files that will provide an insight into what I am trying to do. First problem I am having is the corners on the plate cabinet style1 model. The radii are too large for my liking. When I brake sheetmetal, the brake is quite sharp not like the model. I would like to add tapered(bell) 1.875" openings where the 1.5" holes are located. Also, I need to add 90 degree corner flaps that are sort of triangular in shape so .125" rivets can be installed after the braking process. The file BMP of sketch---ACAD should show what I am attempting to achieve. This is my first successful(?) sketch/drawing in SW as I am not able to grasp 3D modeling yet. The main thing SW does I don't like is when you try to connect two lines. They appear to be connected but when zoomed in they are not even touching. Please help when you get a chance. This is just for me and hopefully I will be able to 3D model one day soon. Thanks, Mike