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Custom "smart" parts

Question asked by Felix N on May 7, 2008
Latest reply on May 9, 2008 by Wayne Tiffany
I'm trying to create a custom "smart" part. Instead of describing this, let me give an example.

When you open the toolbox, go to the spur gears, right click and select create part, a nice dialog pops up and asks you for dimensions such as face width, bore size, and so on. Once you click ok, the part is created.

How can I add the same functionality to my custom parts? I want to be able to select "Create Part", and then I want to be able to input dimensions such as height, width, length and thickness. I've looked all over and cannot figure out how to do this. The closest I've gotten is with premade configurations, but there is no way I can predict all combinations of the dimensions that I might use.

Can anyone help me out here?