offset surface becomes unusable

Discussion created by Guest on Jul 31, 2006
i know exactly whats happening. its been happening to me since as long as i remember (SW 2003 and onwards).

basically, offset surfaces that are references from assemblies seem to randomly, a week, a month, a day, down the road, explode and lose associastion and everything that relies on them gets broken.

major major pain in the arse bug that SW just simply can't/won't fix.

I've made it a habit to use a macro to 'Save As..." any surface i offset from assembly, then another macro to "Import Surface", then i delete original offset surface with references.

painful workaround, but any surfaces that dont have external references dont experience this problem.

I think the bug lies somewhere in Solidwork losing face IDs of external parts, and then the rebuild fails and all features that were based on that offset surface fail.