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    dxf geometry on layer"0"

      One of the requirements of setting up Driveworks here was to automate creation of CNC code for manufacturing. For this we need a DXF file with all the geometry on layer "0" and text and sketch lines on layer "1". I have created the master drawings in this manner, but I cannot get Driveworks and Solidworks to do so. I can do this with manually creating the dxf with a map file. But Driveworks will not use the map file. Without the map file, Solidworks creates a layer "sld-0" to put the geometry on.
      Did we waste our money on this software?
      I have not heard of a CAD package that would change the layer names when creating a dxf.
        • dxf geometry on layer"0
          Ian Yates

          First of all are you using DriveWorks Server to generate your DXF files?

          And if so does your SolidWorks that DriveWorks Server uses to generate your files have access to the DXF map file you created locally?
            • dxf geometry on layer"0
              yes I am using driveworks server to generate the dxf files. the map file is available to the server and I manually ran the server copy of solidworks to ensure that it knew where the map file was.

              geometry set to layer "0" mapped to layer "0" is exported to layer "sld-0"
              sketch lines set to layer "1", mapped to layer "1" are exported to layer "0"
              drawing lines and notes set to layer "1" mapped to layer "1" are exported to layer "1"

              layer "0" is to be cut and layer "1" is to be marked with a pen. actually cutting the marked lines destroys the product.

              Driveworks and Solidworks together are supposed to reduce manpower needed to produce drawings and documents. requiring an engineer to go back and make manual changes makes this product worthless.

              Until Driveworks and solidworks get together and solve this problem, I suggest that people do not buy Driveworks. This is just one of a dozen problems that I have found with thsis combination.