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    split entities

      Sometimes while sketching I am unable to trim a line without eliminating some pertinent dimensions/constraints. I try using the split entities command and then switch the unwanted portion to a construction line. However, when I then try to do an extrusion I always get a message box telling me that I have open contour. Is this a glitch or am I not using the command correctly?
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          Tim Ludy
          Extrusions can only be made with non-construction lines.
          You might try sketching points and dimensioning to them if a change needs made.
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              Maybe I should clarify. If you imagine a square corner with everything fully defined it would be like me drawing a line at an angle to chamfer it so to speak. So I need to get rid of the parts past my new line to make the proper extrusion profile as this provides multiple closed contours. Trimming them typically works, but depending on how things are dimensioned I would prefer to leave them so that the constraints/dimensions remains. I can use split entities to split the line at the intersection point and then turn half to a construction line, but when I do it still claims that there are multiple open profiles, which visually at least there is not. So I don't know if I am using the command differently than it is intended or if its a glitch of some sort.
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                  Charles Culp
                  It only splits one line per click, so maybe you have to split twice, one for each line segment. Click on the line segments to see if they split properly. You will highlight the entire segment, to see how long it is.

                  Additionally, you can also use the "selected contours" functionality to select only the main area for your extrusion.
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                      It splits the lines, and in my "chamfered" corner example, the sketch would look like a box with one chamfered corner, all in solid lines, and then the unwanted portions are switched to construction lines, so visually the sketch looks to be a closed sketch. If I start a new sketch and convert entities of the chamfered corner box it will let me do the extrusion without the open contour message. For whatever reason I don't think that solidworks recognizes that the two split entities share a common endpoint with the chamfer line.