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Applying a pure tensile load from a strap or rope sling

Question asked by Neil Grant on May 6, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2008 by Neil Grant
I am analysing a seat belt pulling on a seat. Is there a way to apply a load as a closed loop seat belt would apply it with no compression or bending being applied?
This would be very useful.
The remote load direct transfer seems as close as I can get to simulate it, but from the example given in the cosmosworks designer course book, it seems to be able to impart a moment and deliver a compressive force.
A general question on remote loads - if I pick 2 surfaces to apply the load on, does it apply the full force to each or 1/2 of the force to each?
I am using sw 2006 5.1. I can also use 2007 5.0 or 2008 0.0 if that would help to simulate this.

Neil Grant