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SW 2008 x64 SP 0.0 runs slowly

Question asked by 1-DQBLER on May 5, 2008
Latest reply on May 8, 2008 by 1-DQBLER
I have been running SW 2006 x32 for a while until recently i upgraded to SW 2008 x64 SP 0.0.

SW 2008 runs much slower and unstable compaired to 2006. It takes longer to open large assemblies and edit parts with complex chamfers and extrudes and the such. Photoworks is almost unusable now. I was able to render a large assembly in under 15 minutes on full realism and high resolutions with 2006. 2008 struggles with a simple small part on a screen preview.

Summary: SW 2008 x64 runs slower than SW 2006 x32 on my 64 bit machine.

I am unsure of exact specs since this is my work computer

SW 2008 SP 0.0
Quad core Intel Xeon CPU 3.00ghz
8gigs RAM
quadroFX 4500 graphics card
Windows XP Pro x64 SP2
80gig HD
250gig hd

300% of 3ghz assigned to page file on 250 gig hd. (or somethign like that)

This computer should be blazing fast!