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    Switch local view between replicated servers?

    Kevin Silbert
      If traveling between offices with a laptop, is there any way to switch a local vault view from one server to the other? I'm having trouble coming up with a scheme for our users to do this- even the workaround is tough and has a high probability of messing up something- you have to fully erase one view and create another. Unless I'm missing something?
        • Switch local view between replicated servers?
          Anand Ramalingam
          yes you can able to do this ..pls see the installation document page no.124
            • Switch local view between replicated servers?
              Kevin Silbert
              Thanks for checking. I'm a bit confused, however- my installation document only has 102 pages, and the Chapter 4 (Creating and distributing file vault views) mentions lots about distributing vault views, how to do that with various permission issues and multiple users on the same computer, but nothing seems to mention changing a local view to a different replicated server.
                • Switch local view between replicated servers?
                  Anand Ramalingam
                  The PDMWorks Enterprise policy
                  There are several additional policy options that can be used to help specify how PDMWorks Enterprise
                  should be configured on a client. You can use group policies to distribute the PDMWorks Enterprise
                  settings as described in the previous section, or add the policy settings manually on a client as a local
                  group policy.
                  To add the policy manually:
                  1. From the PDMWorks Enterprise administration tool, select Local settings. Right-click Group
                  policies, Open.

                  2. In the Group Policy dialog box, select User Configuration. Right-click Administrative
                  Templates, Add/Remove Templates.

                  3. Click the Add button and browse to the PDMWorks Enterprise.ADM policy template on the
                  PDMWorks Enterprise install CD under \Support\Policies.

                  4. The PDMWorks Enterprise policy option will now show up under the administrative templates.

                  Description of the policy options:
                  Policy Description
                  Configure Broadcast Port Defines which port is used for broadcast. By default, it is port 3030. You should not have
                  to change it. This port must match the archive server port.
                  Disable Broadcast Prevents user from using broadcast to find archive servers on local subnet. Only
                  manually added servers will be used. This policy is useful when you need to make sure
                  that a specific archive server is used.
                  Disable Automatic View Refresh Normally, broadcast is used to update (refresh) the Explorer file view when something is
                  modified in it from another PDMWorks Enterprise client (for example, renamed, checked
                  out, etc.). You can disable listening to those updates with this policy, preventing the
                  views to be updated automatically. Users will have to press F5 to manually refresh the
                  folder listing in a view.

                  Login Manager Settings
                  Enable Alternative Servers If a file vault is replicated, enabling this policy will show a list in the login dialog box of
                  available archive servers hosting the replicated vault that the user can connect to. This
                  policy is useful if working on a laptop and working in both locations hosting a replicated
                  vault. Only the servers that are broadcasted are listed. You might have to include the
                  server in the Add alternative servers policy.

                  Start PDMWorks Enterprise Login
                  Manager at Windows login
                  This policy should be set when distributing views with the Automatic View Setup policy.
                  Will start the PDMWorks Enterprise login manager at login so that views can be added.
                  Add Alternative Servers The alternative servers list lists available broadcasted servers hosting the replicated

                  View Setup settings
                  Disable Add Server Prevents user from manually adding servers to the list of vault sources in the View Setup
                  wizard. Use this policy in combination with Disable Broadcast and Select Server page
                  to restrict clients to specified set of servers.
                  Select Attach Page This policy controls the Select Attach Location step of the View Setup wizard. Should
                  be defined when adding views silently.

                  Location: Sets the default file vault attach location. This can be used in terminal
                  services environments to restrict file vault views to be created in a specific directory
                  (commonly the user's home drive).
                  Type: Sets the default file vault attach type. A restricted Windows user does not typically
                  have the right to add file vault views per computer
                  Select Server Page Configures the Select Server step of the View Setup wizard. Adds default archive server
                  names to the list of servers to choose from in the wizard. Type the name of the archive
                  server and the port (3030) as value.
                  Use this in combination with Disable Broadcast and Disable Add Server to restrict
                  clients to use a specified set of servers. You should also use this policy when broadcast
                  prevents archive servers from being listed in the View Setup wizard (for example, over a

                  Automatic View Setup Use this policy to distribute file vault views to client computers. Add vault name and vault
                  ID as value for the views that should be announced. When using Setup views silent,
                  the views will be added without any user interaction. Using this option, you should also
                  define the Select Attach Page policy for the view to be created in correct location. If the
                  client computers reside in different subnets and cannot receive broadcast you must
                  define the Select Server Page policy.