Wayne Tiffany

PDMWE, 64 bit, Cores, 3DConnexion

Discussion created by Wayne Tiffany on May 5, 2008
Just finally got a handle on an issue with SW sometimes not loading properly. The bottom line, after much investigation with good SW help, is that there is a race going on and the winner isn't necessarily who gets there first, but the loser is more evident. :-)

Basically, I was finding that SW would not load properly some of the itme. I figured out that I could consistently make it load properly by turning off my 3D driver, then starting it when SW asked for it. But as we started to suspect, that was a symptom. The issue is that on a 64 bit SW machine, with PDMWE and more than one processor (or dual core as I have), then it looks like there is an issue with the second processor loading PDMWE while SW is loading. Sounds good, loads faster, except that it tended to create a problem based on who won the race. By turning off my 3D driver, it forced a delay that kept the train wreck from happening.

So, if you are seeing something like this, maybe this is also your issue. Just wanted to make you aware of it. SPR41376