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    SW<=>Acad converter

    apex lee
      im thinking of writing a converter to enable file conversion between Autocad & Solidwork, is there anyone who has experience in data exchange issues can give me some advice about the feasiblity about this coverter?? or is this program needed in market??

      sorry if silly question being post here, im newbie in D.E...
        • SW<=>Acad converter
          Kevin Quigley
          DWG editor surely provide most of what is needed? Or do I get the wrong end of the stick here?
          • SW<=>Acad converter
            John Burrill
            While Solidworks does have a built-in DWG converter (accessed through Saveas), there would certainly be a market for a version that took advantage of some of AutoCAD's newer features: Tables, multi-leaders, gradient fills, etc. A couple of things that I would like to see in a translator:
            Shaded views exported as raster images (similar to what they do with illustrator)
            Sheet format to Block mapping
            dimension style mapping
            some means to update the graphics of an exported drawing (Inventor has this).
            These are some ideas that come off the top of my head.
            • SW<=>Acad converter
              romuald bachelle
              It is possible to convert dxf to Solidworks. But be sure all information are dead entities for Solidworks.
              The best way is to re-build all parts in Solidworks in order to have 3D native files.

              We can propose our services to do this if needed.