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    Reaction Force not Equal Entered Force

    Hekmat Ismail

      I used Elastic Support as a Fixture ( to represent Suspension sustem in trailer ) but surprised that the reaction force not matching the entered force.


      Reaction Force.png

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          James Riddell

          They shouldn't be 'exactly' equal.  There are moments, shear and bending that all need to be taken into account for you Fx=Fy=M=0 equation.  Better question: do your hand calculations balance (presuming they have been done.)

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              Hekmat Ismail

              Dear Riddel,

              thank you for your sharing.

              About Reactio with applied force, they shoud be equal in static analysis cause the hand equations ((Sum (F)= 0     &    Sum (M) =0)).



              The Problem is  Solved,

              the problem was in Mechanical properties cause:

              I created Custom material for some compenents with infinte young modulus and very low desity ( young modulus= 200 X E-12 GPA, Density= 10 Kg/M3) I made these assumptions to assume this body is very stiff ( no Deformation ) and Ignored weight.

              It seems this theory didn't work and the reaction forces goes wrong.

              I didn't use rigid body cause it reject fixtures on it.


              when I recorrected the Material to be normal one for steel which is:

              young modulus : 200 GPA

              Density : 7850 Kg/M3

              Yeild strength : 345 Mpa for Steel ASTM A572 Grade 50

              I got correct reactions deviation 0.1 %.