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Shell elements placement issue

Question asked by Alessandro Tornincasa on May 3, 2008
Latest reply on May 14, 2008 by Fernando Cuenca
I'm taking a look at COSMOS Companion session on sheet metal analysis.
I've read on slide 13 that when there are issues with shell element placement that can cause gaps between them, one solution would be to create a bonded contact between those elements.
I've created a tester model (in attach) where the edge of the shell element with gap is bonded to the surface of another. Results seem to show that this element doesn't behave as really bonded.

I assume this is because maybe in the slide it was meant that you have to create a surface with offset 0 mm, extend it, define a shell on it, and then create a bonded contact between this surface and the other shells.

Am I right or is there really a way to bond two shell elements with gap ?