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Question asked by Sam S on May 2, 2008
Latest reply on May 6, 2008 by Mike Sveda
Just started pdmwe deployment, sorry for asking what may be a very basic question.

We have kicked around a few ideas in regards to how to structure the folders; some say just structure the folders exactly the same way they are today and others have a more open mind and say "lets look for a better way".

One suggesstion has been to have the folders, at a high level, to match the state of the document as it passes through the workflow. For example we could have three folders; Development, Pending Approval and Approved. Inside each of those folders could be various sub-folders for different projects or products. When a document is first checked in and prior to being submitted for approval it would reside in the Development folder, once submitted for approval it would move to the Pending Approval folder and finally once approved it would move to the Approved folder. If it ever needed to be revised again it would be moved back to the Development folder. Doing it this way seems like it would make it easy to control permissions via the folders but I am not sure about moving the documents around that much, and what would happen to the parts and assemblies? The document being approved would be the slddrw, so would the drawing documetn be the only document being moved around and I am not sure I like the idea of the drawing being stored away from the models.

What does everyone else do? Move the documents according to workflow state and control permissions at the folder level or always leave the documents in the same folder and control permissions per user/user group for each workflow state?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post...