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GdtAnalysisSupport.dll & Unexpected error; quitting

Question asked by John Huntington on May 2, 2008
Latest reply on May 2, 2008 by John Huntington
Problem 1
So I recently just got a new machine with Vista64, I have SolidWorks 3.1 Installed. When I open up Solid works I get "Unexpected error; quitting" but it starts up anyway, but I also get "A journal file could not be created. Auto recover will not work. Another session of SolidWorks may be already running on this machine." Doesn't seam to affect anything so far, but it is annoying.

Problem 2
When I hopen up some models I get "Could not load SolidWorks.dll" I read somewhere on line this is a .NET Frameworks problem that needs to be reinstalled, I tried instaling Frameworks 3.0 and 3.5 but I get setup errors with it, it won't let me. This too doesn't seam to affect anything but it is rather annoying when I have to click it a few dozen times to open up a model.

My Setup
Dell Precision T5400 Mini-Tower
Quad Core Xeon Proc E5420, 2.50GHz, 2X6MB L2 Cache,1333MHz
8GB, DDR2 ECC SDRAM Memory 667MHz, 4X2GB
nVidia,Quadro FX 4600,768MB dual VGA or DVI
146GB 3Gbps SAS, 15K RPM Hard Drive
Microsoft Windows Vista Business x64 Edition
28" 16:9 Flat screen monitor
19" 16:9 Flat screen monitor