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    adding material

    Vijay Patil
      Dear Forum,
      Greetings from India.
      Have created models/parts for tooling for Cold forming die sets. Due to the heavy tonnage taken while forming of parts at room temperature, we need to analyse them for its design. while i analyse them on Cosmos works, i do get some predesigned materials. How can i add materials and their specifications? where to save them? could anyone be of any help to me.
      thanks and regards.
        • adding material
          Alessandro Tornincasa
          Hi Vijay,
          when you have a COSMOSWorks study, just right click on the part that is going to have this new material, then choose from the COSMOSWorks library the material that is most similat to the one you're going to create.
          Next choose the option "custom defined" (second from top under "select material source").

          In the right portion of the window you'll be able to give this material a name, category, description, and change all the values of the physical properties (for example the Young's Modulus).
          If you click on the top tabs named "Tables and curves" and "Fatigue SN curves" you can specify properties which vary vs temperature (for example the Young modulus itself) in the first case, and input fatigue curves in the second case.

          Finally, if you click on save you'll be asked to create a new database file containing materials used in your company.

          When you'll have to apply a material in the future to a part, if you'll choose the option "from library files" you'll see the dropdown menu containg COSMOS database, solidworks database, and the new database you've created containing the new material.

          Hope it helped.