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    John Bryjak

      How can i place a finish symbol and get it to go in the side of the line that i want?

      Right now i have to place the symbol, if it falls on the wring side i have to click on it, open the surface finsih window, yada-yada. This process is a pain and requires about 10 mouse clicks.

      Is there a better way. I am clueless.

      Thanks for any help/
          Eddie Cyganik

          There are two things I try that seem to work sometimes:

          1 - Drag the finish symbol and move your cursor to the opposite side of the line. (This seems to work most times on angled surfaces.)

          2 - Select the attach point of the finish symbol while holding the shift key down (this unattaches the symbol), then try reattaching from opposite side or somewhere else on the entity.

          Of course, if you try both of these and neither works, then you'll go to the PM to fix like you always do, then you'll have just wasted even more time.

          Damned if ya do & damned if ya don't!

          In the end, it would be nice to just double-click on the attach point and have it flip automatically, just like flipping arrows in/out.

          Butt SolidWorks doesen't hav... ...nevermind!