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Client License Order

Question asked by William Crosby on May 1, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2009 by Eric Olson
I have just finished setup and testing of SW2008 SP3.1 for deployment from an Admin image. We use a floating license manager to host "SolidWorks Office Premium", "COSMOSWorks Adv Pro" and COSMOSFloWorks PE" seats. The question is: Can the Admin deployment image be setup so that after its been deployed to all workstations that when a client runs the installed product for the first time that the SLA License Order on each clients profile (CURRENT_USER hive) by default be set to a specific order? The reasoning behind this question is so that most operators when using the COSMOSWorks Add-In by default will pull the built-in Designer seat from the "SolidWorks Office Premium" package first and if they require the "COSMOSWorks Adv Pro" then they disable the add-in and manually change (until I can make a macro to do this for them) the order thru the SLA then reenable the COSMOSWorks Add-In and pull a "COSMOSWorks Adv Pro" seat. WHEW Oh ALL is working GREAT except this one tweak!!

Understanding the license order is key:
20 = SolidWorks Office Premium
24 = COSMOSWorks Adv Pro
28 = COSMOSFloWorks PE

Location of the CURRENT_USER hive entry:
"License Order"="24,28,20"