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    dxf stacking

    kenny hubrich
      I am new with SW. I am mainly use it as a dxf converter. My customer requires all their vendors to have it. Some of their drawings need 3 drawings to manufactor their parts. When I (save as) dxf, all the drawings stack on top of each other. I want to be able to pick and choose what sheet to save without saving all of them.
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          Anna Wood
          Click on the Options tab in the bottom right of the File Save As dialog after you select the type of file you want to Save As.

          There are options on how you export multiple sheet drawings there.

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              kenny hubrich
              You are my new best friend. It worked great. Thanks.

              Bottoms up.
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                  Rodney Hall
                  I use this setting for all of my DXF export.
                  Note that if you try to saveas Acad 14 or earlier that you will only get one sheet. This is due to Acad 14 and earlier not supporting tabbed sheets.
                  If your vendors complain that they must have Acad 14 version and can't open your newer versions, remind them that they can load DWGgateway to let them open and or saveas any other versions. If they use AutoCad Lite this solution will not help them.