Spencer Smith

PDMWE and Toolbox

Discussion created by Spencer Smith on May 1, 2008
Our setup:
-No shared toolbox
-Use fasteners from several local toolboxes
-Prior to release, copy Toolbox part file to vault directory, rename file and remove toolbox link

Primary reason for this is that even for standard fasteners we must completely detail them on a separate drawing to ensure we receive the correct fastener (overseas sources, typically) with the right material/coating, not some 1/4-20 x 30mm hybrid thing.

With just a few folks in the vault, it works well but fasteners are already easily duplicated.

If we switch to a shared toolbox, the only way to replace the toolbox-assigned part number/description in a BOM is to use file properties, right? Ideally, we would let PDMWE assign numbers to a variable and show the variable in the BOM, but BOMs are limited to data in the file.

Is there a clean way to go to a shared toolbox (with "save a copy" option) while being able to populate the drawing BOM with accurate, vault data?

(Here I go again)...I did this easily with DBWorks in a previous life by populating the drawing BOMs with PDM data ('variant note' functionality). Filenames could be preserved so that the shared Toolbox recognized when an instance had already been used. This worked flawlessly.

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