Nick Day

A PDMWorks Nightmare?

Discussion created by Nick Day on Apr 30, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2008 by Glenn Wilkins
I work for a company that first began using SolidWorks in 1997. At that time, only one Mechanical Engineer was using it exclusively. I used it on a limited basis myself until 2000. Then I left the company until 2007.
Flash forward to 2008. We have not yet installed PDMWorks. A majority of our Engineers and Designers now use SolidWorks. There was an attempt by a now departed employee to standardize hardware and other commonly used models. Unfortunately, we have many large assemblies with duplicates of what should be standard models (hardware, pipe fittings, switches, etc).
I'm under the impression that you should only have one standard model for a particular size and type of component in PDMWorks. Let's say hardware for example. If we attempt to standardize such hardware by eliminating all duplicates, aren't we asking for trouble?
Also, is there any resource (other than here) available for advising someone of pitfalls and shortcuts when implementing PDMWorks?