John Bjerke

Activating HUL for 07

Discussion created by John Bjerke on Apr 30, 2008
We have 2 standalone seats at our company. We currently are running 07. I am trying to load 07 at home, but it gives me an error that the Registration code is not valid. I used it a few months ago to re-install 07 on a new hard drive at work without issues. I leave the Registration code box blank, and when I start SW it shows the window with the serial number and a blank registration code box and says it will expire in 30 days if i don't register. I click on register now but it says there is not internet connect, even though a solidworks marketing survey opens up a new web window.

Any reason why my registration code is not valid? I will talk to My VAR tomorrow, but I would like to get this set up tonight if possible. We were mailed the 08 install DVD way back when but haven't used them yet. I thought I read somewhere that since 08 is out, you cant activate/register 07, but have not found where I saw that anymore. Does anyone know if that is true?

Would it matter if I installed using the DVD at home and the CDs at work?