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contour plot into surface

Question asked by Matt Feider on Apr 29, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2008 by Matt Feider
I also posted out on comp.cad.solidworks but this appears to be more active so I wanted to cross post here. I am looking for ideas on how to handle a very large physically contour plot. I would really like to do some studies on volumn.

I have a contour plot of about 4 square miles. I figure the first problem will be one of scale as this is beyond the extents of solidworks. I think that I can scale in autocad to get below the extents. Then possibly import....

The second issue is how to map a surface or something actually usable to the contour lines. I threw out the idea of a loft with each selection as that is just not workable with the number of contours. But I am wondering if there are other ideas....

Would love to hear any.