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    processor priority for ghs3d and dstar

      I always put calculation priorities to LOW or VeryLow
      This lets you work better with other applications, while NOT lengthening calculation times significantly.
      Increasing priority is not going to give you any advantage (unless you are doing something else heavy with the PC, like divx-coding, but...)

      However this is not true if you are very low in free RAM: multitasking would be jammed.
        • processor priority for ghs3d and dstar
          Task manager question...in the processes tab one can right click a proces and change the priority.

          Any preferred settings besides the defaults for these two processes? ghs3d is the mesher cosmos uses and dstar is the main solver.

          ghs3d is single thread, dstar is multi thread. Any suggestions for the "priority settings? such as high vs. normal.