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How to not have "Unable to locate the file (Automatically Dismissing in 10 seconds)"  dismiss at all?

Question asked by Robert Conklin on Jun 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2019 by Anthony Macke

The Solidworks 2016 the dialog box "Unable to locate the file (Automatically Dismissing in 10 seconds)"

It did not use to dismiss at all?

How do I stop it from Dismissing in 2016? (windows 10)

10 sec is hardly enough time to read what file is missing.

Let alone browse for it or decide what to do.


Which brings up an issue I have had with it even when it did not Automatically Dismiss itself in 2014.

(I skipped 2015 altogether)

Which is that once you did click "browse for file" IT would "Dismiss itself" and bring up the

window to find the file.  I have learned if I wanted to know what the file path and name of

the file it was missing WAS I had to take a snip-it of the box prior to clicking on the browse for file

so I would have a reference to find the file.


Automatically Dismissing in 10 secCapture.JPG


EDIT:     I found It!

I Should have looked here and Just unchecked this box:

Automatically Dismissing in 10 sec - box.JPG

BUT...  It probably still goes away when you click "browse for file" leaving no clue as to what I am looking for.

with out snipping it first.