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    Note to linked property feature (counterbore)

    Peter Thannhauser

      (SW-2016). Inside my drawing, when I click Note and point to the counter bore feature (1), SW briefly shows me the actual name of the feature CBORE for M3 SCCS1...

      This would actually be useful to post as the note itself, but it doesn't 'stick'. I cant seem to figure out a way to link it using any of the (red box) link tools, so I end up typing the note manually. You can see dimension call out below I point at it with imperial dimensions. But is there a way for SW to convey this circle corresponds to the actual feature (M3 counter bore) automatically & update when the part file is altered?

      6-7-2016 0008.jpg6-7-2016 0009.jpg6-7-2016 0010.jpg