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    Saved bodies & object weights

    Justin Lee

      Quick question about saving bodies, then making drawings of the individual parts..


      So I'll draw up a bent pipe part using Structural Members.  Then ill rename the cut-list bodies and run the save bodies command.  This all works fine and i end up with individual part files, but....


      (there's always a but...) 


      ...When I drop one of the newly saved parts into a drawing, the weight populated in the data block is the weight of the original solidworks part, with all saved bodies combined.   I need the data block to populate the weight of this body alone... ideas? 


      I don't know much about scripting / macros & what-have-you, so not sure how  to make the proper weight value populate, but im sure there is some way.. just looking for guidance.


      Couple images to illustrate:


      The drawing populates the total weight (29.02lbs) of the original multi-body part.


      The individual saved body has a mass of 2.18 lbs, how do i get this value to populate in the drawing?


      Unfortunately our drawing templates were built by a former employee, who never used saved cutlist bodies. No one here today has any ideas how to fix.

      Any guidance is much appreciated.


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          Deepak Gupta

          Open that model and check the properties. Make sure weight property is set to part property and not parent part.


          This is you may see


          This is how you need to set it. Uncheck "Copy custom properties" in the save bodies property manager.



          Ans then set the weight in the saved body properties to mass


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              Justin Lee

              This is the perfect response!   Thanks a ton.  I went back and tried this on a new model and the properties are no longer linked to the parent.. perfect..


              One caveat seems to be that I cant get my existing part files to update.. I went to the model in my screenshots, updated the save bodies feature and removed the "copy custom properties" check, per your guidance.  The command completed and i saw an "updating" popup.   However, the saved body part weight property did not become de-linked from the parent part.


              For good measure i made a backup, then removed the saved body part files, and the save bodies feature from the parent, then recreated everything again using a new save bodies feature.  This worked, but deleting the part files, and the save bodies feature and starting over isn't practical because the first set of saved body part files had additional features that weren't in the original parent model..  I'd have to manually re-edit each saved body part again. *shrug*


              Can I manually de-link the saved body properties from the parent?  If i cant get these particular part files to de-link from the parent, it wont ruin my life.  The next project I'll have the custom properties settings correct and this wont be an issue to the very helpful reply..  Thanks!