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Nonlinear problem, custom material

Question asked by Owen Boden on Jun 7, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by Seckin Uslu

Hi guys


I’m hoping you can help me, I’ve exhausted all options that I’m aware of.


I want to perform a simple analysis on a nonlinear material. The cantilever below has a fixed geometry condition at one end and a simple 10N load at the other.




The material is Nylon 6 with 30% glass fill. I’ve contacted the material supplier and received all the material properties that I think I need, including stress/strain curve data.


Ideally I want to run a Plasticity Von Mises model but I can’t even get it to run a Nonlinear Elastic model.


Here are the material details.



The problem is very large displacement (59mm), low stress (2.15MPa), Strain (0.026). Obviously there is something wrong, this a 10N load on a 10mm thick sample, there’s no way it could displace by 59mm.


I thought the issue might be with abrupt loading so I edited the loading curve. All the results mentioned above (stress, strain, displacment) are at 0.6 sec i.e. max load application




Within Properties, I’ve kept things simple, i.e Autostepping and default settings



Hopefully it’s just something I’ve missed, but I’ve been struggling for a few days now so any help would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks