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PDM link to a drawing file can't be broken?

Question asked by Steven Mills on Jun 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2016 by Steven Mills

I am using SW 2016. And let me give a quick background here.


I took a drawing file and made a copy of it onto my local computer. I am currently trying to modify this copy to make a template. However even after I deleted every drawing view, checked the file references and see no other files but the new assembly being referenced, the Solidworks PDM is still asking if I want to check out the original assembly every time I open the renamed drawing copy. As far as I can tell, the renamed drawing is only on my own computer and should have no links or references into the Solidworks PDM vault. The only reference to external files is to the assembly that I made on my own computer, and that assembly itself only has two internal parts. I have even shut down Solidworks and Solidworks PDM and re-opened the drawing, and then restated the entire computer, but still get asked if I want to check out the orginal assembly out of Solidworks PDM.


How can I break this link/reference to the PDM vault?