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EPDM Log in screen always pops up 2 times

Question asked by Lawrence Kiefer on Jun 7, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2017 by Bill Stadler

I have a couple of questions.


  1. Every time I start my computer up, and the EPDM log in window comes up, which it does automatically, I log in, and then it pops up again. This second time can be canceled as I am already logged in from the first window.
    • Does anyone have a solution for this that would stop the second window from popping up?
      • I am in windows 10
      • EPDM SP5 2015
  2. As I mentioned above, when I open windows file explorer, just opening the window tigers the EPDM log in window. If I do not need to log into EPDM I can cancel it (twice due to the issue above) but I would prefer it just doesn't come up at all until I actually need it.
    • Reason: I have a lot of EPDM users at this company, and in many cases just because the window pops up they are logging in, even if they don't need to. This takes up a license someone else could be using.