Steven Sheldon

How to add Yield Strength to plastics?

Discussion created by Steven Sheldon on Apr 28, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2008 by Anthony Botting

I am evaluating SolidWorks using a Student Edition I purchased through JouryneyEd. Though I have worked in design for 17 years I am also going to school and so I can purchase software like this legitimately.

I am trying out the FEA capabilities of the software. I have imported a STEP file of a plastic handle from our current CAD software, Solid Edge. I am working through the wizard and it says "No Yield Strength has been defined" or words to that effect.

When I go into the material properties and select plastic -> ABS PC I can see some material properties listed, but Yield Strength is not among them. When I edit the properties I see no option to add new properties.

How can I add Yield Strength to the ABS PC material in the Solid Edge Materials Database?