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circular pattern and Knit-surface problem

Question asked by Ariane Beix on Apr 28, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2008 by 1-9C36HC

I have a question about circular pattern of surfaces and problem to knit these surfaces:

I have a loft surface that I would like to use for a circular pattern. Once I have done the circular pattern, then I can't knit the surfaces, same problem with mirror. I used circular pattern/mirror of bodies.

When I draw all the profiles and loft all the surfaces then I get of course one single body but this is much more work. If I do a thicken feature of the body and then do a circular pattern, then I can merge the bodies.

Why can't I do that with a circular pattern of surface, without the thicken feature?

Thanks in advance for your help,
any help about circular patter and mirror in general is also welcome!