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    SW Search in Upper Right.

    Rich Osterreicher
      Along the top of screen in upper right, there is the SW Search thingy..
      How in the heck do i get rid of it??
      I can't find anything about it in the Options, or in Add-ins...
      I just want to get rid of it...

        • SW Search in Upper Right.
          Mike D
          In SW07 I Un-Installed Windows Desktop Search (it is not one-click thing!!)
          It removes search from SW, after that SW07 crashing reduced drastically ... go figure .
          I believe you need to do the same for SW08.


          Take a look at:
            • SW Search in Upper Right.
              Rich Osterreicher
              Hi Mike,
              The link is great info for XP.. But it didn't mention Vista64...
                • SW Search in Upper Right.
                  Mike D
                  I don't have Vista nor SW08 installed. We don't brake things if they work!
                  (read: no beta-testers for MS nor SWCorp. at least until SP2 & SP4-5)

                  I am not sure this will work for SW08 but it may be in right direction

                  BOExtract from the web:
                  How to disable Vista's desktop search indexing (Windows Search)

                  1) Navigate to Control Panel/System and Maintenance/Indexing Options. There you can remove all locations or only those you use rarely.

                  2) It is also possible to disable indexing for a certain drive or enable it only for selected folders. You can do this by changing the Properties of a drive or folder (right click on drive letter in Windows Explorer).

                  3) The fasted way is to simply disable the Windows Search service. Run Services (just type "Services" at the Start Search bar), right click on the Windows Search service and select "Properties". Then choose "Disabled" for the start type. Afterwards, you have to stop this service by right clicking on it and selecting "Stop".

                  The first option is the one you will quite often find on the Web. But I found out that Windows Search remains active after disabling it this way. The second option works, however, it takes quite long time until all files in all subfolders have been excluded from indexing. Thus, the third option is the best one. You don't have to reboot, as with the first option, and if your want to enable it again later, it will cost you just a couple of mouse clicks.

                  EOExtract from the web:

              • SW Search in Upper Right.
                Bill Rose

                I think it's possible to get rid of it, I don't have anything like that on my screen. What does it look like (a screen shot would be nice)? I may have done something to remove it when I first loaded 2008 but I don't remember any details since installing a new version always requires a lot of removing stuff you don't want to use from the "new and improved" UI.....Bill
                  • SW Search in Upper Right.
                    Rich Osterreicher
                    Well all...
                    Here's an Update From VAR on this...
                    SW Search cannot be turned off for ANY SW'08 install... XP or Vista..
                    But that's kinda wierd.. All the '08 installs here on XP do NOT have the SW Search (it's turned off) and the Vista Installs are Stuck with it...
                    Does anyone know how to turn the Stupid thing off???????

                      • SW Search in Upper Right.
                        Wayne Tiffany
                        We don't have it here because I won't install Windows Desktop Search at all.

                          • SW Search in Upper Right.
                            Andy Sanders
                            Vista has the "Windows Search" function built into the OS. It's an add-on with XP.

                            Therefore, there's no option NOT to install search on Vista. It goes hand and hand with Windows Search.
                            • SW Search in Upper Right.
                              Rich Osterreicher
                              Hi Wayne,
                              I have Win D Search Disabled, Indexing Disabled, etc..
                              I'm not 100% sure how to Uninstall it from Vista64...
                              It's Not listed in Add/Remove programs....
                              All my VAR will tell me is to "Live with it" they find it handy once in a while...
                              And that SW Search cannot be turned off even with XP... Which is ovviously not true... i sent VAR a screenshot of '08 with XP and No SW Search.... no response...

                              Yeah, that's what i was guessing... Dammit....
                              Thanks a lot guys...
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                                  Anna Wood
                                  You can turn off the Search options in Vista. Just need to go into the msconfig and also the Services Control Panel and set the options so the services do not start. You can also set your hard drives so that they are not indexed as well.

                                  I have Vista and I do not run the Windows Desktop Search or the Indexing Services on my Thinkpad, they are disabled.

                                  Getting rid of the SW Search Thingy is another matter..... :-)

                                    • SW Search in Upper Right.
                                      Rich Osterreicher
                                      Hi Anna,
                                      I have Windows Search Disabled, All indexing turned off..
                                      And during SW install, I don't remember seeing a specific SW Search...
                                      But i do know that Sw Explorer is Not installed...

                                      My var now says that i need to Reformat my hard drive, re-install Windows without Desktop Search.. Then Re-Install SW without SW Search....

                                      I don't recall having a choice during the Vista Install... I just Disabled Desktop search after install.. And as i mentioned with the SW install, I dodn't recall seeing a SW Search choice.... I just know that Nothing in the SW Explorer is installed...

                                      Is there a Registry Key somewhere for this stupid thing??

                                        • SW Search in Upper Right.
                                          Rich Osterreicher
                                          Here's a thought...
                                          Since the SW Search results show up in the Task pane's Search tab..
                                          Why not have the data entry typing box for the search within the Tab itself..
                                          Rather than Permanently stuck at the top of screen taking up valuble real estate..
                                          I thought the mentality for '08 was to conserve screen real estate..

                                          To me, it'd make more sense if the search data entry thingy was in the Task Pane tab..

                                          And Besides.. WHY do we need 2 search things anyway????
                                          When i click Open, the File browser has a search thing already..
                                          So why on earth is it needed in 2 places???
                                          At least the one in the File Open window shows thumbnails... The SW Search one doesn't... And Yes, Show Thumbnails IS checked in options...
                                          So.. SW Search Does NOT save any clicks or anything!
                                          With SW Search, I have to Click in the box before i can type anyway...
                                          So What is the benefit?? Where is the click/time saving??

                                          P.S. in case your wondering... I turned Win Desktop search back on.. As Disabling it did Not make any difference...