Bill Reuss

SW2008 Customization

Discussion created by Bill Reuss on Apr 25, 2008
Just switched from 2007 to 2008... and having been reading the issues others have had for several months, I have two to add to the pile - the background image and pull-down menus.

For the background image, 'Tools... Options... System Properties... Colors' then change the 'Background appearance' from "Use document scene background" to "Gradient", the changes are made for the current session. When I exit SolidWorks, I would expect the changes I made to be saved to the registry. However, when I run SolidWorks again, I'm back to the default background image. I've also tried saving the settings as a scheme and saving the settings within a part template - those didn't work either. I have full admin rights on the machine, but it's acting like I can't write to the registry! It works as intended on two other workstations in the office... just not mine. Any ideas?

Second, is it possible to modify the pull-down menus of specific Command Manager toolbars? For instance, if I select the Sketch CM, there is a pull-down menu for Smart Dimension. I'd like to be able to add a few more icons/commands to this pull-down. Is this possible in 2008?