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    Unable toTrim a Surface

    Thomas Jackson
      I'm having trouble trimming a srface using the trim command. I've tried to use a plane and sketch to trim the upper half of the part. It will keep the piece that I want to trim and when I select to part I want to keep it fails.

      We are using SW06

        • Unable toTrim a Surface
          Kelvin Lamport
          Make sure the Surface Trim tool extends beyond the surface being trimmed.
          • Unable toTrim a Surface
            Jerry Steiger

            Have you tried using "Remove selections" instead of "Keep selections"?

            • Unable toTrim a Surface
              jeran yrogirog
              trim the surface with another surface and extend the triming surface beyond the surface being trim and check the keep selection and the one will highlight is the one will be keep.
              • Unable toTrim a Surface
                John Kreutzberger
                This is possibly something you don't want to hear, but one area where SW is making good progress is in surfacing functions in general and surface trimming in particular. I saw a noticeable improvement in this area from SW 06 to SW 07. I am now using SW 08,sp3.1. I can tell you that there are still some quirks that I run into but I am seeing much more predictable results in the latest version. Also the parametrics seem to hold more reliably when making changes. Again, I am not saying it is perfect, but I am really seeing an improvement.

                I recommend that if you have been sitting on the fence about moving to a later version of SW-now may be a good time. Good Luck.
                  • Unable toTrim a Surface
                    Cole Constantineau
                    Is 2008 much better than 2007 as far as trims go? I'm currently working on a big surface part (500 features), and Solidworks' trim problems are getting really frustrating. I'm currently trying to get rid of all mutual trims (replacing by 10-20 normal trims) because they fail to rebuild on ctrl-Q. Personally I think SW surfacing is junk.
                      • Unable toTrim a Surface
                        Jerry Steiger

                        I can't answer about 2008 trims being better than 2007, not having enough stick time on 2008, but I can make a suggestion about mutual trims. I was told quite a while ago to keep mutual trims to just two or three bodies. It really does seem to make mutual trims much more stable if you don't try to trim five or six bodies at once. So you may be able to make your parts much more robust without going to the extreme of using only normal trims. (I've also run into cases where I had to use a mutual trim, where I couldn't use two normal trims.)