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    Pack and Go Check boxes not working

    John Huntington
      When everI wanted to great a new assembly based off an old assembly, I simply did a "save as" and edited my reference, but since I got 2008 I have to use "pack and go" wich worked just fine until I upgraded from .01 to 3.1.

      Basically I am unable to uncheck all boxes, I can't even use the "select/relace" function and use it to uncheck/check by name, I can't even click in the "name" box on the main "pack and go" screen. But the search/replace name function still works (thank God)

      My work around is to go through my assembly and manually uncheck all the items I don't want to copy over, then use find/replace to change out my part numbers. This is somewhat annoying to me and just one more thing to take up time in my day.

      Anyone else having this problem?