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Hole note callout

Discussion created by Robert Berry on Apr 24, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2008 by Xinkai Yang
What's up with the hole note callout?

I get a space between the numerical instance and then a lower case X, then there is a space between the Dia symbol and the size callout, when I put a tolerance on the hole it comes out as full size text, not 50% less like I want it.

I called the VAR and they said this is the way it comes from Solidworks, if I want to change it I can edit the calloutformat.txt file and change hundreds of lines of code to get what I want.

Is there another way to do this besides editing this file?

Personally I think it should come out of the box to the standard.

I can get it to look like I want and to standard if use the smart dim command and add the instance callout along with the tolerance, but that is a work around.

For me the hole callout command is usless as it is and not to the ASME standard.

I also know I can edit the properties after I put in the hole note to change the text and get rid ot the thru, thru all etc.

I know there has been discussion about the thru text in earlier threads, but the standard states if there is no depth it is intrerpreted as thru, period.

This is also annoying to me as it should be an option and not the rule.

Again I was told if I want to spend a considerable amount of time editing text files I can get what I want.

Thanks for listining to my rant, any and all help will be welcome, as the VAR has been useless. Value added my eye.