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    3D Meeting without SW?

    Markku Lehtola

      I'm not sure if this topic would be better here or in "eDrawings", but here we go, anyway this is about data exchange:

      Is there any free/low cost tools that works over internet like SolidWorks 3D Meeting with these requirements:

      * can show 3D-files that can be produced with SW
      * allow markups
      * does not need SW

      * allow measuring
        • 3D Meeting without SW?
          Basil Gello

          As far as I know there isn't.

          • 3D Meeting without SW?
            Kevin Quigley
            Save your SolidWorks files as a 3D PDF, and send that. This can be measured/sectioned etc. If you are running any purchased Acrobat solution you can mark up and issue the pdf with the markup and any user with the free reader can do the same. You can also use Acrobat Connect for web conferencing. http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobatconnect/

            I do beta testing for a few companies and all use Acrobat Connect for web conferencing sessions. It works well.

            For my business use internally I use Glance (www.glance.net) where I can share my screen with anybody and show them. It is a simpler solution that has no built in markup but I use utilities to enable this anyway, or simply have Photoshop running and paste screenshots in and scribble note while we are sharing.

            There are many other solutions out there for screen sharing and web conferencing. Generally the best ones are aimed at SMEs rather than corporates. Typical costs are $30-60 a month for up to 25 concurrent users (depending on the system used).

            A few suggestions are:

            http://www.kolabora.com/ - this is a great site for completely unbiased reviews of the systems on the market

            https://www1.gotomeeting.com/?Portal=www.gotomeeting.com - very good system - Windows only

            www.webex.com - meet me now is the SME solution - works well - Windows and Mac

            There are others! When I say Windows and Mac I mean you can present from Windows and Mac. With most of these systems you can participate from both Windows and Mac as it is all done through the web browser.

            Most if not all the systems offer a free trial period, so there is nothing to stop you trailing as many as you wish. One blog recently did this and managed to get over 400 free days!

            Give Glance a go anyway, I've used it since it was introduced - it is incredibly easy to use.