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    Tool box part in PDM

    Robert Cooling
      I have found myself with a bit of a problem. Although toolbox contains many fasteners there can be many parts that are different by specification but not form ie 1/4-20 hex hed bolt x 1 inch long great no throw in material, grade, and even plating or coating. So the decision makers (who do not use the software) decided that all parts should stand on there own, fine no big deal but hear is the problem

      if I use toolbox to generate the model (saving time) then I save the part as a copy and remove all other configurations I cant seam to break the link where PDM works identifies the part as a Tool box reference so I cant check it into the vault

      Any insight would be great
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          Devon Sowell
          Hi Robert-

          I posted some information a few days ago in my blog: http://designsmarter.typepad.c.../the-temecula-va.html
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            Hayes Sawyer

            Regarding the specification of a toolbox part. Create custom properties within the toolbox to suite your needs. I came across the same issue when implementing PDM and the Toolbox in my company. We use both standard and stainless hardware. By adding custom properties you can have multiple variations of the "out-of-the-box" toolbox parts.

            Using this method you should no longer have to save a copy.

            I highly suggest populating all of toolbox parts that you will use prior to importing into PDM, otherwise you'll be checking in and out everytime you use a new size.

            Another thing, if for some reason you want a copy of a toolbox part I suggest making another toolbox standard that uses the "Create Parts" option. We use this for gears and such. The toolbox can quickly generate the models and save to a seperate file, afterwards we can do further modification as needed.

            Hope this helps...keep me posted.


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              Erik Balle
              This link shows you how to make a Toolbox part into a non-Toolbox part, you change the property state marker to No
              We were tired of all the problems of toolbox parts and wanted multiple materials, vendors and part numbers for the same size of bolt.