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    Dual Dimension in Hole Table

    Xinkai Yang
      I failed to do it. Anybody any idea?
        • Dual Dimension in Hole Table
          Troy Peterson
          Currently that is not a feature of the hole table...
          • Dual Dimension in Hole Table
            Kelvin Lamport
            This cannot currently be done.
            Submit an Enhancement Request if this is important to you.

            In the meantime, a possible workaround might be to create a config which is scaled up by 25.4 to simulate the metric sizes. A view of each config can then be placed on a drawing sheet, and a Hole Table created for each view. The scaled Hole Tables X & Y columns will appear to show metric. However if the hole wizard is used to create the holes, the holes will still be called up in imperial units, but geometry created holes will appear as metric.
            If both views are to be left on the sheet, the scaled view will need to scaled back down to make it appear the same size as the original. However, to simplify the drawing, the scaled view could be hidden or moved outside the sheet border.
              • Dual Dimension in Hole Table
                Xinkai Yang
                Thank you folks!

                Kelvin, that is quite a trick for a solution. I very much appreciate the info. However, I guess I will let the workers in the shop to punch "* 25.4" on their calculators if they want. I was just trying to make there job easier, without causing too much time. But thanks again.
                  • Dual Dimension in Hole Table
                    Eddie Cyganik

                    To All,

                    I have asked for this capability in the past, through ERs and as a member of the SolidWorks Drawing Advisory Board. With support for dual dimensions, it makes no sense at all for SolidWorks to leave Hole Tables by the wayside.

                    When looking for a workaround, Kelvin's approach may work for some folks in some situations. So, to add to your options, you may want to consider the method below. Hopefully, one of the two will make your life easier.

                    This is the "Half-of-a-Workaround" or "Half-Assed Method":
                    => In your Hole Table, select the "X LOC" column & Insert - Column Right
                    => Edit the header and input something like; "X LOC in mm"
                    => Double-click to edit cell 2 in the empty column and input ' =B2*25.4' or ' =B2*25.4"mm"'
                    (The result will be the metric conversion of cell b2 w or w/o mm.)
                    Continue by Copy, Paste & Edit to complete the X LOC column.
                    Finally, do the Y LOC column in the same fashion.

                    As I mentioned, this method is "half assed" because any cell containing anything other than a single value cannot be converted, so hole callouts are left by the wayside.Additionally, if mofifications and or additions are required, the table would need to be reviewed for any manual updates.

                    Lastly, as far as I know, this is " Undocumented Functionality"! I have not found any reference to equations for Hole Table or for General Tables either. So this must be functionality that has carried over from SW Table based BOMs.