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Question asked by Derek Bishop on Apr 23, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2008 by Derek Bishop
I'm posting from Australia and for about a year now the name showing up on my posts is Mal Cook, and it should be Derek Bishop. I tried to have this rectified about a year ago with no success through Mal.

Initially we had problems with me accessing the Cosmos forums and I think out of desperation and frustration Mal used his own name.

I've recently tried again numerous times through our national support group to have this problem resolved. In spite of their best efforts the problem was not resolved. I note that there is no avenue to raise this on the forums that I can see. Presumable SW has a group that supports this site!?

If I jump online with any of the chat forums I don't have this problem. It is not a good look when a company that produces CAD software can't even administer and sort out a few problems with a forum. I WANT THIS SORTED OUT - please.


Derek Bishop