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    No Intersection Snap?

    Chris Dolejska
      Can't get the intersection snap to work on a 2d sketch.

      The intersections box is checked in system settings under snaps

      also tried to select it with the rmb menu.

      Is there some setting I'm missing?
        • No Intersection Snap?
          Troy Peterson
          Int snap is working for me on multiple sketches in the same sketch.

          What do you mean by 2nd sketch?
            • No Intersection Snap?
              Charles Culp
              2D sketch, Troy.

              As you can see by my screenshot, it can work (you'll have to pretend there is a mouse pointer there, mouse pointers don't show up in screenshots).

              What kind of lines are you using? Intersection snaps will not work with splines. Some "converted entities" behave like splines, even if they are based on non-spline geometry. It should, however, give you that white-colored snap, which means that it will place the point at the intersection, but will not add a relation. You can do two coincident relations, one to each line (with splines).

              Also note that intersection snap can be more finicky that most. Try hovering over both lines (so they turn red), then point at the intersection.
                • No Intersection Snap?
                  Matt Lombard
                  Charles, that statement about splines can be refined a little.

                  Intersection snap works when a spline crosses a line or an ellipse, but if you take the automatic relation, it will give you two coincident relations rather than a single intersection relation. You can apply the intersection relation manually. Intersection snap doesn't work at the crossing of a spline and a spline.

                  I didn't test parabolas, but who uses those? All other crossings seem to work ok, circle/circle, circle/ellipse, line/line, etc.

                  This is all in 2008, and to get the snap I was using the first point of a line.
                  • No Intersection Snap?
                    Chris Dolejska
                    Okay, your post helped

                    I was looking for an expanding dot on the intersection, like on end and mid points, not the little icon indicating intersection and nothing at the intersection.
                      • No Intersection Snap?
                        John Nemeth
                        If there are more than 2 entities then the 'automatic' snap will not be created. If ie. 2 lines cross each other and there is a centre line 'underneath' at least one of them (ie. collinear with it) then the software is unable to find out which 2 entities out of the 3 have to be used for the intersection. In this case only the manual pre-selection works.