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    Sw Flyout in corner

    Rich Osterreicher
      Why does the SW flyout in Upper left Fly out to the side??
      All this talk and responses in postings talking about making Sw interface more in line with Windows, Office, etc..
      Doesn't make sense to me, since everyhting else flys out Down, but ours flys out sideways..

      Personally, i would much rather have it fly out downward.. So i pin it up..

      So, basically just always wondered the logic behind the sideways flyout..
        • Sw Flyout in corner
          John Huntington
          I fixed it where it stays out perma fly, I didn't like it either. One other thing I don't like is when let say I right click on a part, I have to scroll down to click the double arrows to show all my options! What is the purpose of this? It's not like we are all drawing in 600x480! I have a big ass screen I don't part of my options hidden, you are just making it a one more click method
            • Sw Flyout in corner
              Wayne Tiffany
              Why don't you just turn them all on - that's what I did. Shortcut menus & regular menus.

              Click Tools, Customize, or right-click in the window border and select Customize.

              You must have a SolidWorks document active when customizing menus.

              On the Options tab, under Shortcut customization or Menu customization, click:

              Show All. Displays all menu items.

            • Sw Flyout in corner
              Kelvin Lamport
              RMB on a toolbar, select Customize > Options and then select both Show All options.
              As the name suggests, this will select all drop-down/fly-out menu options.