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    Spline sketch has "extra lines"

    John Bjerke
      This has started to happen to me lately and I did not notice it earlier this year. When I sketch a spline in a drawing there are straight lines connecting the points on the drawing where I click to create the spline. I have not found any options to remove these lines. I hardly use splines, and when I do it is nearly always to crop a view on a drawing. This time I am showing where some holes on a part were moved and I would like these straight lines to not be shown.

      Thanks for any help.
        • Spline sketch has "extra lines
          Charles Culp
          Without the screenshot, I assumed you were talking about "control polygons", but infact, that is not the case.

          I have no answer for what causes that, it is the wackiest thing I've seen.

          Are they real lines? Can you select each one individually, and edit it as if it is a regular line?
          • Spline sketch has
            John Bjerke
            No, you cant not edit them or even select them.

            Strange thing is I ran my export macro and looked at the saved PDF and DXF of the drawing and the spline looks as it should. The extra lines did not show up. I just checked the print preview and they do not show up either.

            Could be some bug, more of a nuisance than anything right now I guess.