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    Moving files

      We have a database of approx. 125000 files averaging 1mb each. We are experience very slow preformance when accessing the vault. We have found that if we create folders and put approx 3000 files per folder the preformance is better. How would be the best way to move the files from one directory to mulitple folders. We use PDME 2007.Would it make it easier if we were to upgrade to PDME 2008 before we do this?

        • Moving files
          richard lock
          Hi Ken,

          You might want to consider setting up a test environemnt of PDMWE 2008 before moving all your files as there is an SPR included in sp3 which address slow performance in file lists.

          SPR416146 - Extremely slow file listing in folders with 3000+ files and custom columns enabled