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Graphics freeze

Question asked by Roy Parkes on Apr 22, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2008 by Roy Parkes

I am currently running Solidworks 2008 (SP3.1) on a HP XW4300 PC with a Quadro FX1400 graphics card. The OS is Windows XP (32 bit) with 2Gb of RAM.

I am constantly having problems with crashes and graphics freezing whilst in Solidworks. My company uses a policy of having to log back in after a period of time away from the workstation. They do this via the screensaver on the resume password protect option. The trouble is when I do this invariably I return back to Solidworks and instead of seeing a nice image of a drawing, I get an image of the desktop or Outlook depending on what I was last viewing. Its obvious that Solidworks is still functioning because I can select geometry from the image. If I switch to a part model, I see the correct image but as soon as I go back to the drawing the the same image re-appears. When this happens I also get an increase of crashes whilst in Solidworks. The only option I have to fix this is to shutdown & re-start.

Has anyone out there a solution to this problem?

Regards Roy