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    Best book for beginners

    Tom Corry
      I am new to SolidWorks and face the task of teaching the 2007 Educational edition to high school students who are also new to the program. I find the tutorials fairly helpful but they assume you know the basics and leave many unanswered questions. Moreover, the student and teacher guides assume even more and can be very difficult for beginners. Is there a good book that explains things from the very start in a clear and easy to read format? Also, has anyone run across any grading rubrics for the lessons? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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          Tony Cantrell
          Check out SDC Publications, they have a lot of books on SW, and are easy to follow. I currently am using "SolidWorks 2007: The Basics", "Engineering Design with SolidWorks 2007", "Design Modeling with SolidWorks 2007" and "Drawing and Detailing with SolidWorks 2007" at Midlands Technical College. As far as grading, they only use Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory.
          The CSWA test is a good measure for students.
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            Jason Raak
            Tony, I would highly suggest Matt Lombard's SolidWorks 2007 Bible. This covers everything from beginner to expert. It should be a prerequisite for any teacher to have this book if they are teaching. It is my #1 SolidWorks book on my bookshelf.
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                Matt Lombard

                I appreciate the plug, but the 2007 bible wasn't written for beginners, it was really meant for intermediate plus. Although I've had some beginners say they like it, I've been roundly cursed by several as well, especially clingy autocad users. The book takes a couple sarcastic swipes at people who can't let go of autocad. I know it must be difficult to imagine me being sarcastic, but its true.

                High school kids in particular might get lost because I refer to manufacturing processes that they might not be familiar with here and there.

                Plus, if a beginner is starting on SW2008, this book is a 2007 book.

                I don't mean to discourage people from buying my stuff, especially big classrooms full of people, but I just want to make sure you're expecting the right thing from it. I'm from industry, not from academics, and I write for industry, not for academics.

                For beginners probably the best place to start is a Planchard book or the Dummies book. For a class room, the Planchard stuff is probably the way to go, written by educators for class rooms specifically.
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                  Tony Cantrell
                  I have a copy of Matt's book and take to the classroom with me and show it to the students. I also recommend them getting a copy.
                  The same goes for Greg's book as well.
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                      As someone who's been teaching herself SolidWorks coming from AutoCAD and has been trying quite a few materials, I would recommend that you get your hands on the SW training manuals, if possible. Also, get Matt Lombard's book. If you can't get the manuals, get Lombard's book, anyway. In other words: get Lombard's book, man!! But that one is for you, not so much for the students. It will help you tremendously, since you say you are also kind of a beginner yourself. The Planchards have really good books also. If you get their Official Guide for the CSWA test, you could use it to create tests to grade your students. Go to check the textbooks available at www.schroff.com. Maybe you'll find something that works for you there.

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                    Larry Burton
                    You may also want to check out "SolidWorks for Dummies" by Greg Jankowski. I have been using SW since 97, and I learned some things from it.
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                      Jack Riggs

                      I have used SolidWorks for Desginers by CADCIM technologies. It is an excellent book for a starter