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    Toolbar icon size setting does not effect Context Toolbars

    Bill Rose
      I have been trying to find a way to use the context toolbars that pop up when you select. I find them to be too small to be clearly visible and this is not helped by the translucent effect applied to them when the cursor is away from the toolbar. I even adjusted my screen resolution to make them bigger but that solution didn't do it for me. In the process of doing these tests I noticed the setting for toolbar icon size does nothing for these context toolbar icons. Why?

      Doesn't it make sense that if the user feels the need to make the icons bigger for the ones that don't have a translucent effect and are always in the same place on the screen, this same size adjustment should be applied to the context toolbar as well? As it stands now, I'd rather move the mouse farther or use a hotkey or RMB menu than to squint at the screen trying the decipher those tiny icons.....Bill